Find Blakely in Sonoma!

Blakely has disappeared! Where has she wondered off to?

Near the end of Episode 2 (Attack of the Clones) Blakely hides from the other bachelorettes, and from Ben.

Ben is on the search.

Sonoma County is a pretty big place – more than a million acres! Where can she be hiding?

Here’s three guesses:

1) Armstrong Woods: This place is large, and there are lots of trees and bushes to hide behind. These trees are enormous Coast Redwoods, which means they can be as tall as the soccer field where Ben won his high-school state soccer championship. Blakely could be hiding in a hollowed-out stump, in the gully of a seasonal creek, or even high up in the canopy of these ancient giants. Ben will need some sturdy walking shoes and a sharp eye to see her, especially if she wears forest-green Jimmy Choos to blend in.

You gotta look close. She could be anywhere in here.

2) The Coast: Just like Armstrong Woods, the Sonoma Coast is a large area with a lot of diversity. She could be trying some chowder at Bodega Bay, strolling along one of the sandy beaches at Stillwater Cove, or even disguised as a Russian settler re-enactor at the Fort Ross bicentennial celebration. To find her, Ben will need his trusty truck, his little dog and an hour or so to drive the legendary Pacific Coast Highway on his quest. (And if he wants to surf, he could stop at Salmon Creek Beach on the way.)

3) Fremont Diner: An unassuming little stop in southern Sonoma County, if you were going to hide somewhere, it might as well be here. They have great fried chicken and pies.

Is that her lipstick on that mug?


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